Wednesday, 31 October 2012


On Monday and Tuesday I spoke about the Santa Shoebox charity drive. So many of us think of the festive season as a time together with family and friends, have tables groaning with food and loads of presents under the tree but for many children in South Africa it becomes just another day.  This is where the very special Santa Shoeboxes come in. Now that I am over my “uncheerful” giving I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to pledge because I know that the boxes I pledged will ensure that that 10 children have a special day!!

So just a quick reminder how it works:

Register online,
Pledge a box (or 10) when the website goes live with the  recipient names,
Select your most convenient drop off point, as well as the name of a recipient of your choice,
Decorate and fill an individualised gift box according to the specified guidelines,
Label the box with the recipient’s name (labels are emailed to donors, together with confirmation of the pledge),
Deliver the Santa Shoebox to the selected, pre-determined drop-off points on specified dates, from where the organisers dispatch the Santa Shoeboxes to the various homes and centers

Easy peasy.

Here is a look at Busi and I packing the boxes I pledged, it was actually fun in spite of my bad attitude. 

Unpacking all the shopping bags

Making piles for boys and girls

Boxes and piles

Trying to fit everything into the got interesting

Busi and I

Thank goodness for team work...

Piles of  gifts

Cutting out the stickers for each box

The elves who cam to collect the boxes

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