Friday, 30 November 2012


Day Thirty:  Gosh I am not sure how we got to day 30 but here we are.  So lastly but certainly by no means least I am thankful for technology. 

Social media allows me to not only stay on top of whats happening in the world but more importantly it keeps me in touch with what is happening in the lives of family and friends.  BBM and Whatsapp allows me to stay in touch with family and other loved ones staying overseas in a quick and inexpensive manner.

Last night I used FaceTime to talk to my cousins in Doha and on Sunday night my aunt was able to meet her granddaughter through Skype.  A couple of weekends ago I "attended" a friends wedding in Texas while staying in Pretoria through webcam.

Technology has made the world a much smaller place and on some level it has brought people together again because keeping in touch is so much easier. 

So I am thankful for technology which allows me to keep in touch, stay connected with my loved ones.

Have a Fabulous Friday and a blessed weekend...

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