Monday, 3 December 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed weekend.

As we head into what is our "busy" period I was forced required to work most of the weekend. So since I spent my weekend staring at a computer screen I thought I would share with you some of last weekend which was spent with family.

It was my mom's middle sisters 70th birthday last week Wednesday and three of my aunts traveled up from the coast to spend it with her.  Because of work we could not be there for the actual birthday but my cousin invite us to spend the day with all of them on Saturday.

We have not all been together in mom and her sisters were last all together five years ago so I took the opportunity to take loads of pictures...I hope you don't feel to bombarded...

The sisters...the two oldest at the back and the three youngest in front

The "babies"

The "golden girls"

The 70's club....but please don't tell them I told you 

My cousin in law preparing food...

My mom wishing my aunt a happy can see the after effects of my mom's GBS in her eye here..makes me sad

We are a very progressive aunt's ex husband and his "new" wife joined us 

My aunt Lorretta

My cousin....he had been in the pool and had NOT wet his pants.

My other cousin with his MOvember mustache 

Cousin love


That table was moaning and groaning under the weight of all the food!!!

I took the three aunts who came to stay with us to some of my favorite places and of course one of them is Cullinan...

My beautiful mommy!!

Being a little silly.....

I took them for lunch at "As Greek as it gets"...once again Stavros did not disappoint!!

I was also there....

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Awww. Such great pictures! Family is the best. Not to mention that spread. OMG. I want to try it all!