Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Day twenty eight: I have so much to share with you all about the time I have spent with my family but today I want to take a moment and give thanks for my second “happy place” and that is the theater.  I LOVE all forms of theater from ballet, to plays to opera. I enjoy a good pantomime and have been known to giggle during a cabaret show or two. The theater was my home for many years, first when I danced, then when I moved into acting and directing (I like telling people what to do giving direction)and lastly as a playwright. I always sit right in front because I like to hear the "swoosh" of ballet slippers on the stage floor, I like to see the details of the facial expressions of the actors as they give their all to the audience and I LOVE to feel part of the story.  I also prefer to either see the opening performance or the final performance of run.  Opening performances are charged with nervous excitement and a final performance has an air of enjoyment, anticipation with just a hint of bitter sweet sadness.

 I currently have tickets for the following shows:

The Hurly Burly show:  which is burlesque show.  I have never seen one (only the movie with Cher) so I am really excited.

Dirty Dancing:  I was not sure about seeing this stage production of the popular movie because let’s face it Patrick Swazye is Johnny but I really am curious to see how they are going to pull of that scene where they practice the lift in the water on stage so I got tickets.

Noel and Gertie:  As most of you know, one of my celeb crushes just happens to be the incredibly talented Jonathan Roxmouth.  After his resounding success playing the role of Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera in both South Africa and Manila Jonathan now takes on the role of Noel Coward in this new stage production.  I can’t wait to see this one!! I am very excited to see Jonathan in a different role to Phantom... 


Be still my beating heart....

Pop up:  I am a big Nataniel fan.  Now for many he is an acquired taste but a more talented individual is yet to be born.  Nataniel writes his own songs, scripts his own shows (which are a combination of songs and stories), he cooks like a dream, writes the most amazing monthly column in a local magazine and his costumes are a vision to behold. I admit that I enjoy his smaller shows more than the big production he does each year (although I have not missed one in 9 years). I guess because they are more intimate and relaxed. I find his talent to be astounding and there is something very sensual about him that I find hard to translate into words.

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Jenna said...

Ooo, I LOVE the theatre too! We saw a Broadway show when I was in New York with my Mom and it was magical! Let me know how the Hurly Burly show is - I've been going back and forth on buying tickets :)