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So a little while ago I posted this post.  I had never really thought of having a celeb crush until I had that conversation with my friend.

Since then the more I immerse myself into social media the more I realise just how many crushes I actually have.  Twitter and Facebook have made many of them ummmm shall we say easily accessible to us, us as in Joe Public!!

I have often said that I believe that most of us have a voyeur lurking in us somewhere and especially Twitter makes it easy for us to well for the lack of a better word stalk celebs...not that I would EVER do that!!!

I may be loath to admit it but I think it is fairly healthy to have a fantasy or two especially with the long hot summer nights ahead of us......

So without further ado, ladies I present my latest celeb crushes:

Leading the local crop of gents is a guy who makes me smile when I look at a photo of him because behind that gentlemen exterior I am willing to bet lurks a.....wild man:

Ty (Tyrone) Keogh, firstly pointing out the obvious but with a surname like Keogh you have to think Irish heritage and we all
know how popular our Irish boys are in blogosphere!!

Ty is an actor currently staring in the local soapie "The Wild".  Ty is also a model (in case the photos aren't proof enough).  

Ty's character in "The Wild" is a little bit of a well........the word  bastard comes to mind at times but proving that he is nothing like the character he portrays Ty arrive at the You Awards earlier this year with his gorgeous mamma on his arm. Now doesn't that just melt your heart....

You are most welcome ladies...enjoy!!!

I had a problem selecting just one or two from Ty's FB page so I just went with
some of the  more recent photos he has posted.
After Ty posted this pic on Twitter he said that it was a fav of  his but he was
not sure of the reason!!  I know reduced my entire team's knees to jelly!

Those eyes would reach into your very soul!! Is it any wonder when you
look at those eyes that he took home the sexiest male award!!!

I love the tat on his arm!

Can you say Christian Grey????  That look would reduce any women to
Photo Source

Next up is my favorite Phantom....Jonathan Roxmouth!!


Now Jonathan is not new to my blog having been featured twice here and here after I saw Phantom.

If the bio’s on the net are to be believed then Jonathan had his debut as a very tall munchkin in the Wizard of Oz during his nursery school days.  Jonathan ditched a prospective career in criminal law (I am so thankful he did…hiding his incredible talent and good looks in the law would have been a major loss to the world and its theatre lovers) and had his first professional debut in 2006 in a production of Grease…since then Jonathan has had a number of roles such as Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story and Mozart in Rock Me, Amadeus. Jonathan sings like an angel, can tap dance and plays the piano like a demon.  He also plays a bit of guitar. His theatre credits are a mile long and Jonathan has won awards for his incredible work. 

After a successful run of his one man show Topsy Turvy, Jonathan is now touring with Phantom of the Opera international cast and they are in Manila at the moment!!!

One of the journalist quotes I found about Jonathan summed him up so wonderfully: “Jonathan has this simmering intensity that’s palpable the moment you start talking to him. You sense a quiet fire when he starts talking about his craft.”

Jonathan is a chameleon who has the ability to become the characters he portrays in a way that makes me knees weak. I often think of dusting off my script writing hat and writing a script for him…….something raw and haunting, passionate and memorable….oh and something that showcases his good looks and talents as well of course. 

Moving onto my international crushes......

First up the delectable Patrick Wilson who is currently staring in the hit TV show "A Gifted Man".  He also stared opposite our own Charlize in "Young Adult".

There is a strong resemblance to Ty in this photo...wonder if that means I am
developing a "type" in my old age!!!

The next hottie was never a real favorite but lately well.....Ryan Gosling...

Gosh he is cute!!!
Next up is Mr Hugh Jackman....

Be still my beating heart!!!
Lastly is someone who is also going to be on my list FOREVER because he was my first....and you never forget your first.  I was about 3 when I fell for him and my crush was so bad that my parents kept his death from me.  I was 8 when I accidently found out that he had passed away.  17 years later when I stood at his grave I cried as if he had just passed away...

My forever celeb crush ELVIS!!!

I bought a huge print of this photo when I visited is one of my favorite things!

He was simply gorgeous!!!

Unless state otherwise all photos were sourced from Pintrest.

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