Friday, 21 December 2012


Today is my last official working day of the year.  I have scheduled my nervous breakdown for tomorrow morning......I joke but I am in desperate need of a break.  Between the incredible pressure of work which spanned the entire year and resulted in 347 overtime hours (which I am not paid for in case you thought I was getting rich), my dad's health issues since July and my Nanna's passing I feel drained.  

Dad has also been very sick this past week and on more than one occasion I thought I was going to have to make another trip to the ER before the year was over.  As a result I have not slept more than five hours since Saturday.  I can't tell you what it felt like on Tuesday when I had to leave my very sick dad ALONE at home to go bury my Nanna.  I was so torn and so conflicted. I have still not really had the time to mourn or just to deal with anything really and this has got me feeling like I am in a washing machine which is set on the spin cycle....I need a time out!!

In other news it seems like the end of the world is not actually happening today...I knew it wouldn't because I have tickets for Bon Jovi in May 2013 and the universe cannot be that I have shoes to suit the world ending but what outfit does one wear....I am pretty sure I don't have anything suitable!!  

So if the world end's it will have to do so without me because I have NOTHING to wear!!!

While I am taking some time off I am going to take some time off from blogging...not completely but there will not be daily posts as usual only sporadic ones.

So have a fabulous Friday everyone and a blessed weekend...

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