Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I did not think I would have to write this post so soon and I guess I prayed I never ever would have to...but life does not work like that.

On 24 December 2012 at 05:48 my darra, the love of my life passed away...

Dad passing came as a huge shock to us because even though he had been really sick the past 6 months he had been doing really he always came home after a hospital visit.

Dad had been sick for a week and on Saturday 22 December 2012 I took him to the emergency room. He was battling to breath and we had a really bad night the Friday night so he readily agreed to go to hospital.  After about an hour of blood tests and x rays and so on dad got hungry and charmed a bowl of cornflakes out of the nurses:

He looks like the cat who stole the cream

Dad was admitted as he had gone into cardiogenic shock.  Basically because he heart was not pumping as it should his other organs were battling. The doctors were not worried and said they had a game plan and so we were not worried.  On Sunday when I saw him dad told me he was not coming out of hospital this time and I told him that he would probably not be home for Christmas but he would be for new year. He just looked at me and took my hand and kissed it and said "Not this time my lovie, not this time".

My brother and I choose not to go to the hospital on the Sunday night so that mom could have some alone time with dad.  He had told her that he would not call to say goodnight (as was his habit even if he had just seen us) as he was tired  but mom was home about half an hour when dad called.  He spoke to all three of us and I am so proud to say that the last thing I said to my dad and the last thing he said to me was "I love you"!!!  What a precious precious blessing!!

The hospital called me at 05:19 and we arrived at about 05:31.  the nurses told us that they were buys resuscitating him but that his heart was not pumping at all.  They would put him on a ventilator to keep him breathing.  My dad did not want to be kept alive by machines so the three of us stood in this little room and prayed...then we made the hardest decision of let dad go home to his Heavenly Father.

Dad was surrounded by the people who loved him most and he went without suffering and filled with love.

The Mayans thought the world end on 21.12.12 but for me the world ended on 24.12.12 when the love of my life passed away.

I will miss you dad but I will live everyday in a way that will make you proud.  I love you more than words can say and my heart lies shattered....


Emily grapes said...

Gosh Lisa, I'm so so sorry.

Him telling you he won't be going home this time is a true tearjerker. It always amazes me how they just know.

It makes me so happy those were your last words to him and his to you. A great memory that I'm sure you'll cherish.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Lisa, my friend of friends... Thank you for sharing the initimate details about your Dad's passing and your love for him. It's very clear how much love you had for him (and still have). I'm so sorry you had to lose him so soon. For what little it may help to console you at this very difficult time, please remember every day is another day closer to you seeing him again... one day. Love, Steve