Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Last week Thursday we had our Christmas/Year end function at work. I am going to breakdown the function into three or so parts otherwise I have just going to fry your brains with all the photos.

So starting at the beginning with the venue...This year we decided to just have a lunch for all the staff and VIPS.  We held the function at a wonderful place called Stone Cradle

The atmosphere is amazing and view is something to see and then, and then there is the food!!! It was divine!! I don't normally like a buffet because I REALLY don't like queuing for food but I must say that since it was pretty much self service at all the little sections they moved pretty quickly.  It was only where they were making fresh foods (such as at the stir fry counter) that the wait was a little long. 

they have hot and cold starters, there is a fish market where they serve sushi as well as the most incredible prawns. Then there is all the meats, salads and even a pizza station.  There is tapas and veggies and desserts.....yummy desserts.

Here are some photos from their website (they would not let me take photos of the actual venue...silly billys)

The function was meant to end at 16:30 but instead we just moved from the formal venue into the bar...

I eventually left well after the sun had set....21:45

Stone Cradle is hosting a New Years day buffet lunch and even though it is pricey I am playing with idea of taking the family there....the food is really good!!!

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Jenna said...

Wow... stunning! How have I never heard of this place before? The food sounds delicious and I love all the different stations... caters for everyone :)