Tuesday, 11 December 2012


A big thank you to everyone who contacted me about Nanna.  She is still with us but is critical.

I have decided that with the festive season upon us I am going to give some of my regular features a "holiday".

I love, love, love beautifully wrapped gifts.  It does not really matter what the occasion is, if I am giving a gift the wrapping forms part of time and effort spent on the selection of the gift.

So Christmas normally has me in a tizz with all the ribbons and bows and different coloured wrapping paper.  I do for the most part try and wrap my gifts in the colour theme I have chosen for the year. 

This does not always work well for me because I just love really crazy Christmas wrapping but....I cheat and use the crazy bright kitche wrapping for the kids.  They love it and so do I!!

I have not quite yet decided how I am going to bring the different shades of golds and browns into my wrapping but have been scouring Pintrest for ideas and here are some of the ones I like.  Not all fit in with my colour theme but are just great ideas...

Simple and elegant...not a single man in my family will
be impressed by it!!

I love the touch of  berries

Love this one

I NEVER look like this wrapping gifts...normally a hot mess!!

This had kinda grown on me..

Simple and sweet

Love the colour of this ribbon with the gold trim

I really like this one...needs just a touch of bling tho!!

Do you have any special gift wrapping suggestions???

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