Friday, 14 December 2012


Last week we had our Christmas/End year function at Stone Cradle.

The entertainment was the fantastic drumming/percussion band 1st Project. In a word WOW (hey, it is a word!!).  They were amazing. 

Let me start of by explaining my company PMSA…..being a medical aid administrator the majority of the staff compliment is female…ok so by majority I mean that 201 are female while 53 are male.  So picture it, a hot summers day, 201 women in a party mood, cocktails are flowing, wine is served “drink fountain” style, anticipation has been building about the “awesomeness” of the entertainment when in walks four strapping laddies….make that four good looking strapping lads with no shirts on!!  The women went wild!!

The next moment the venue hall fills with the sound of pulsing drums. The energy in the room sky rocketed and the air filled with electricity. These guys were not only hot, half naked but talent!! My colleagues and I went nuts…there really is no other way to describe our reactions.  What was funny was watching the guys….some kinda mumbled something about taking a hint and would be joining the gym in the new year, others were bragging about their youth and how they charmed the “pants” of the ladies with their drumming skills, shame some of the poor guys wanted to slink into the corners and others just sat in stunned silence completely flabbergasted by the complete overreaction (in their eyes) of their normally tame sweet female colleagues.

When it was time for volunteers there was no shortage of willing and dare I say eager volunteers of the female persuasion rushing the stage. For a moment I feared for the boys safety as the stampede to be one of the volunteers made its way the stage.  In the end four were chosen and one by one they tried to impress the hot talent and one by one they failed until my good friend Zukie was crowned victor!!  She had such a lot of fun being up on the stage and she is always ready for a good time and a laugh. Then it was time for the rest of us to get involved with the percussion and I must say that I was really impressed with how well the guys got the crowd to participate. 

In the end we all had an amazing time and a week later we are still talking about the hot talented guys!!

If you are looking for entertainment for a function I highly recommend 1st Project.  You can contact them through their website: or through their FB page

Below are some photos we took at the function and I give full credit to my friend Angelo who I gave strict instructions to capture as much “naked man” as possible because I could not enjoy the show from behind the lens, he took some mighty fine pics. 

I have not posted all of them because I am not sure how much “WOW” ya’all can handle but there is enough….Oh I also added in some  YouTube clips of 1st Project.  Support these guys if you get the opportunity you will not regret it.

See the video clip below...this is an amazing drum sound


The volunteers

Clearly happy with the win!!

Ok!! I did kinda sorta have a favorite....

Drinking water.....

And still playing...

I LOVE this photo!!

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