Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So happy 2013….This post was originally written to be posted on the second day of 2013 but instead it is being posted on the twenty second day.  Grieving has for me anyway made focusing on other things a little difficult.  I start to write posts or try to focus on craft projects and my mind wonders.....and I start to miss the sound of the the voices that used to fill my life. I even burnt dinner the other night and between you and me I am so faking it at work but I know that with time it will get better.

So here it is my post new year post (ha ha ha) with some tweaks to accommodate the  changes in my life.
  I was searching for something profound and amusing to kick start the new year and came across this on Pintrest:

I loved the words and I hope that I can get to the end of 2013 having lived my best life and not just existed!!

I have been known to join the gazillions of people who take the opportunity of a new year to set some goals for myself, to dream a little…Last year I had a little bit of trouble coming up with goals and dreams and if I did they were dashed and cast aside as life took over.

This year…I am not sure….I have been kinda waiting for a light bulb moment. In previous years I have felt like I made lists and then made lists for my lists and it seems like an endless cycle of disappointment and rejections when I can’t tick items off the list.

Over the last few months I have felt like something was missing from my life, like I needed to find something I have lost and suddenly in my champagne induced state last night I realised that the “thing” screaming at me is that my life lacks balance and as a result my life lacks joy.

So 2013 for me is going to be a year about finding and then perfecting balance…..balance between my work and my personal life, balance between responsibility towards myself and responsibilities towards my family, balance between stress and my health and balance between the chaos (read drama) I allow in my life and what is truly needed. I feel the need to simplify…I am so tired of complications, of over committing myself and of all the clutter in my life. I believe that 2013 may be a year of significant change for me…so watch this space!!!

The loss of my dad has revealed to me that I have a tendency to wrap myself in the lives of others.  I get so involved in their lives that I forget to live my own and that needs to change.  I need to find...you guessed it...balance.

To all of you who visit my little piece of the blogsphere….I wish you the very best for the year ahead. I hope that your dreams come true, that your resolutions are fulfilled and that 2013 will be a magical year for you and your loved ones.

For those who like me had a tough 2012 and who are perhaps still going through a tough time…..you are in my prayers constantly and never far from my thoughts….

Here is to an awesome, astounding, amazing, astonishing, awe-inspiring, splendid, superb, stunning, spectacular, marvelous  fabulous, fantastic, remarkable, wonderful, magnificent, whimsical, gorgeous, exquisite,  grand, breath taking and tremendous 2013…

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