Wednesday, 23 January 2013


This is yet another post that had been scheduled for over the holidays got in the way. 

I have at least changed it in keeping with the "new" date!!

I have some very exciting news to share with you….

God has been very generous and I have been blessed beyond measure.

Several years ago when my sweet Goddaughter Megan was just a little thing she started asking me if she could travel with me. Of course we (her parents and I) kept on saying she was to young.  

Then the lass got clever and asked us when would she be old enough to travel with me….we said….yup you guessed it 16.  She was about 11 at the time and 16 felt like years away.  

Us in October 2011
About a year ago I started asking her where she would want to go and two places popped up Ireland and Egypt.  Although she loved the idea of Ireland she really wanted to see and experience Egypt.  A couple of months ago I started reaching out to various travel agents and requesting quotes.  I knew that my performance bonus would have to be really good to cover the travel costs of both Meg and I to Egypt but also ensure that we have the best and safest trip possible.

On 23 December 2012 my sweet Megan turned 16........

My gorgeous Jitterbug...
And guess what I am blessed to be giving her for her birthday…..

Unfortunately, my dad landed up in hospital the day before her birthday and I was unable to share the news with her. Then after my dad passed away I was unsure if I still wanted to go.  However, my mom has been insisting that I go and in speaking to people I think it will be a good thing to...a little escape from reality.

So last night, a month later than scheduled I got to tell Meg the BIG news...this was the clue I sent her...

She is so very excited as am I…her daddy is not quite as excited for some reason tho!!!!

So on 9 March Meg and I board a plan for the adventure of a lifetime.  I will share a little more about the details later on.


Emily grapes said...

How exciting!! you're the best aunt to take her on this amazing trip!

I wonder why her dad isn't excited =/

Katie Cook said...

Wow!!! Amazing...I wish you were my godmother, haha! That should be an amazing trip! You leave on my birthday, so it's an extra special day, hehe! have FUN!