Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Music is such a strange thing....to me a song on the radio can take me back to a moment in time in such a real way, make me feel things from that time even smell things *weird*.

In 2001 I was blessed to be visiting in the States and friends of mine had tickets to a praise and worship concert of Dennis Jernigan in Oklahoma City. They invited me with and what a blessing it turned out to be.

During the praise and worship one song got stuck in my head...I am a Sheep.  I don't remember all the words but from that day to this I still sing the chorus when taking off and landing in an airplane.

On Saturday night I was having a really bad night. As I lay in the dark I thought about my dad and as I was screaming out to the Lord for comfort I heard these words...."When the wind blows, He is my shelter, when I am lost and alone, He rescues me and when the lion comes He is my victory constantly watching over me."

In one of my darkest hours I heard the words of a song which I first heard in 2001.  So I went online and found "I am a sheep" and as DJ's voice filled my room I felt like I did the very first time I heard him sing...like God was right there with me.  So for the next three hours I had myself a little worship with DJ (Dennis Jernigan) on youtube.

As my eyes finally grew heavy the last words I heard was "I'll have no other, for I love you only. I'll never forsake you or leave you alone.  I love you, oh how I love you. I love you, oh how I love you."

So today I want to share not only "I am a sheep" with you but also "Daddy"s song". I pray that if you are hurting in anyway, if there is any reason that you need comfort or need to find healing that the words of these two songs will begin that process for you.....like they have for me!!

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