Thursday, 21 February 2013


So the postal strike continues to hold Megan's travel documents "hostage".  This is becoming a very serious situation.  If I have to cancel the trip I loose all the money I have paid and I have paid the trip in full.  If we have to postpone then it can cost me up to half the original cost of the trip which I just cant cover and if someone else was to go with me then there would be costs not to mention the heartache for Meg.  

We tried to obtain a new passport for her but since she has now turned 16 she needs a full passport and that requires a South African Identity document.  The first step in obtaining the ID book is finger print verification and this can take up to two weeks and then they will only start processing the application for the ID and then only the passport....wait time about 5 weeks.  We don't have that kind of time.

And if all this is not bad enough I have been experiencing a little back pain over the last couple of weeks, then over the weekend my left thigh was numb and then started to tingle.  Since then it has happened several times so I went to see a physiotherapist yesterday.  Turns out that my pelvic bone has shifted.  Although, they tried different manipulation and treatment methods they could not get the bone to slip back.  Apparently I carry all my stress in my lower back and my muscles are in such spasms that I now need to go on meds, do a whole bunch of strange exercises and sleep on my back (very very painful and I don't sleep on my back but on my tummy).  Hopefully but the time I see the physio on Monday they will be able to slip the bone back into the correct position.

Honestly, I feel like I am under siege and I am really struggling to keep the faith and remain positive.

If you have a moment spare a prayer for me please.  Here is your Thursday thought:

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