Thursday, 28 February 2013


I know I have been posting very sporadically recently but I tell you what this work thing keeps on getting in the way and then there is all the planning for Egypt.

To bring you all up to date: On Saturday morning a friend of mine went to the postal service hub in Johannesburg and with a lot of bribes was able to get his hands on Megan's passport and travel documents.  I then went to the embassy on Monday to hand in our visa applications.  Now, I am not new to visa applications and have had some weird experiences but this took the cake.

They don't let you into the embassy.  You stand on the street corner like a common prostitute and when it is finally your turn you speak to a women through a mail slot in the wall.  It is all very bizarre!!  They don't go through the documents with you to check that you have completed the forms correctly or that you have added all the supporting documents required.  You hand her your documents and passport through the mail slot and she throws a piece of paper at you with a reference number, time and date on it.  This paper is then what you must hand back (through the mail slot) when you arrive on the date and time stipulated to collect your documents.  Of course you won't know if there was a problem with the application until you arrive back at the said time.

So on Monday at 15:30 we will know whether we will be getting on a plane on Saturday.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone. 

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