Friday, 26 April 2013


Tomorrow South Africa celebrates the 19th anniversary of our first democratic elections.

1994 was a tremendous year in our history and one that will stand out as challenging, nation building and one that used the bricks of the past to lay the foundation of the future. I have shared my respect for our Constitutional Court and I am shameless about being in love with the beauty of the country I live in but what I am most passionate about is the people of this land. 

There is a lot of politics around Freedom day and a lot of politics in our everyday lives as we strive towards a better tomorrow but that is not what I celebrate on freedom day.  On Freedom day I celebrate our rainbow nation.

To be a South African means that you have lived through great pain and now it is time to live great joy.  Being a South African means that you have heart, you have a fighting spirit and a “can do attitude. Being South African sets you apart from the rest of the world because here at the tip of Africa we have learnt what it means to work hard, to seize opportunities and to conquer our fears.

This ad is being flighted for Freedom day and every time I see it I get goosies, my eyes fill with tears and my heart fills with pride……My name is Lisa and I am South African!!!

Featured in the advert are some “famous” South Africans:

Baby Jakes Matlala

Natalie du Toit

Fatima Vasdla

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