Tuesday, 11 June 2013


While I was away I decided to channel my inner Jenni from SOML.  Jenni always takes amazing photos of the restaurants and coffee shops (and a variety of local businesses) she visits and even went as far as writing a post on tips on how to take photos in public places.

The first time I took out my big girl camera on this trip, I was very self-conscious and was trying to hide the fact that I was taking photos.  My mom and aunts were laughing so much that I eventually gave up.  However, the next time we ventured out I tried again.  By the fourth time I was snapping away without a care in the world. 

One of our first stops was for lunch at a little place called Cupz Café.  It is a quaint little coffee shop which serves a variety of cakes and light meals.  Everyday though, they have a meal of day and this is this sweet little places claim to fame.  Many of the older residents of Stillbaai pop in for their main cooked meal of the day.  Being very much a retirement town (although during the summer months the kids and grand kids take over) this is the kind of place where they can pop in after doing their shopping, have a cup of tea and a muffin or enjoy a meal and good service.

We enjoyed a meal consisting of hake, calamari, chips and a wonderful salad. And then came dessert….If you are in the Stillbaai area drop in at Cupz Cafe in the Fynbos center.

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