Thursday, 18 July 2013


Today the world celebrates the birthday of a giant amoung men...Nelson Mandela.

Tata Madiba is an inspiration to many and to me personally.  It is sad that today he celebrates his 95th birthday in hospital.  

So to Tata I would like to say: The radiance of your personality has touched the lives of many and today millions of people around the world join South Africa in appreciating the role that you have played in our country and the world at large. You have changed the course of history and we are blessed to have witnessed changes that you made.  Happy birthday Madiba.  May God's mercy and endless blessing be upon you.  We love you and pray for your health and happiness.  Thank you for being a true hero.

This morning bright and early a team from PMSA handed out soup and bread rolls to those on their way to work as part of our 67 Minutes for Tata! 

The many South Africans leave home in the early hours of the morning in order to catch their transport to their jobs.  On this morning the hot soup and bread rolls were a welcome reprieve from the bitter cold winter morning...

Yip he pulled over to get some soup!!

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