Thursday, 25 July 2013


The King Fisher Seafood Restaurant had been recommended to me and I was quite keen to try it out.  I knew that the view would be unsurpassed as it is situated above Delfino’s and has a panoramic view of the ocean.
The restaurant itself, as it turns out has a very good reputation and it was soon pretty obvious why. Not only is the view unequaled but the food is out of this world.  I took my mom and aunt to have lunch at the King Fisher on our last full day in Mosselbay.
It has a kinda trendy feel to it but it certainly caters to everyone.  Mosselbay being a bit of retirement town has a lot of older people who frequent it’s restaurants and the King Fisher is no exception. It seems that Thursdays they run a special for senior citizens and the place was packed.  We were lucky enough to be given a table out on the deck which was wonderful considering the warm weather.
The service was excellent despite it being so busy and the specials were truly specials.  I had been craving seafood (after all I was at the sea) so I was keen to try out their menu.  I am not keen on sushi but I believe their menu offers a variety and is wonderful.

The King Fisher is a must if you are ever in Mosselbay…

PS:  when I took photos of my mom and aunts food I moved it out onto a table in the sun but forgot to do the same with mine.  So the above pic in an Iphone photo.

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