Monday, 12 August 2013


I think it is a pretty well established fact that I do not pose for photos.  I have no natural talent and quite frankly the thought of seeing a true reflection of what I look like freaks me out.

But, my sweet friend Katie from Hope Engaged wrote a beautiful post and followed it up with an encouraging email. 

Being the clever and inspired women that she Katie said this in her email "I think so often we hide ourselves because we're not "perfect" but God made us so uniquely and I think we can be creative in sharing beauty with one another!" 

She had me there.  I know that I don't want pictures of me wafting around because in that way I can ignore the damage years of illness and medication has had on my body.  I can ignore the layers and layers of fat and cellulite and just live in a dream world.

But, here is the thing...we are all unique and beautiful in the eyes of our Creator and God does not look down and see the fat, the wrinkles, the grey hairs or the sagging bits and pieces.  He looks at us and sees His creation, uniquely and beautifully made in His image!!

So I have decided to accept Katie's challenge.  It turned into quite a challenge as it rained (very unseasonal) all weekend which was the only time I could take photos but there was a break in the weather for I kid you not fifteen minutes on Sunday in which I forced asked my brother to take a few quick shots.

So if you are up to joining in the fun head on over to Katie's blog...

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