Thursday, 15 August 2013


As I mentioned in Tuesday's post I was very hesitant to get on board with Katie's photo shoot idea but.....Katie is persuasive and I realised I can't live under bushel.

So I begged and pleaded with the brother to help me out.  Let's just say after some serious bribery and corruption he agreed.  We sat down and came up with a couple of ideas which involved a park, a bridge, a lake and some swans! I must admit I was kinda excited as I started scouring the internet  pintrest for specific ideas of shots.

It would probably be a good place to point out that I know that when I look at my pictures they will not look the same as the ones I was using as a template because they all had stick insect thin models in them. I also realised that my head and shoulder shot would not look as beautiful as those I had earmarked because the model is well not a model...I tried to not let it bother me but the thing is that it does.

Since being on this crazy asthma ride my body has taken a beating thanks to the endless cocktail of cortisone, adrenalin and steroids! And if that is not enough I am not circling the "40 year old block" anymore but at squarely starring it in the eye! My self image is pretty much in the toilet and I struggle daily with the way I look.  But, having said that I had committed to this project.  I had told a friend that I was going to do this because I need to rediscover my "muchness" and I really want to feel "uniquely made".

Friday was a holiday in South Africa so Donovan and I had planned on taking a drive out to where we wanted to take the photos to see if it would work.  When we woke up it was pouring with rain.  And the rain continued right through until Monday.

But, on Sunday as we were leaving church there was a break in the rain and the sun came out to play.  Donovan and I rushed home, grabbed the camera and decided to wing it in terms of location because the clouds were already gathering overhead. 

We decided to stick to our front yard and make do.  Lets just say  that between the rain drops falling on my head, the wind howling,  the mud and a very polite birdie who did his business on my hand it got interesting!!

So here they are, unedited, no filter...just me!!!

Thank you beautiful Katie for forcing me out of my comfort zone!!

Guys, head on over to Katie's blog to see the other link ups and while you are there make sure you catch up on the awesome work Katie and her beloved Kevin are doing in Nepal.  God's love in action is what comes to mind when I think about it.


Katie Cook said...

Um...HELLO GORGEOUS! You need to post pictures of yourself more often. You are so so lovely:) That one of you looking down was just stunning...what long eye lashes you have...SO BEAUTIFUL! Love this!!! Thanks for linking up...I'm glad I convinced you, hehe! love ya! Katie

Jenna said...

So so so gorgeous! They turned out amazing! I agree with Katie... I vote for more selfies on the blog :)


Rachel said...

You look like you were having some fun! The color of your scarf is so pretty on you!

kristyn said...

I love these! You look so great in that blue color :) I'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and did a photoshoot, beauty is not defined by our looks but by our hearts :) And it's fun to celebrate who we are, just as we are!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Lisa, my heart melted when I read your post! I am so proud of you for conquering your fear too and posting these photos! You look beautiful - never doubt that :) xo