Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Last week I had the privilege of attending a fundraiser for my special G-Man..Gidion.  I shared G’s story with you all back in June when the first fundraiser was held in his honour.

We are very grateful that Gidion has had a fairly good year health wise although he landed up in hospital in July with the RS virus and Swine flu.  It was terrible to see the little guy so weak and so miserable.  It nearly broke my heart going to see him every day but seeing him also gave me peace of mind as I could see him improving with each passing day. As I write this post he is battling a bout of tonsillitis. He truly is a brave warrior!

His face brings me sheer joy. I wish I could bottle his boundless energy because boy he is on the go 24/7.  G to me represents unconditional love.  When he sees me his whole little face lights up and he reaches out and throws his arms around my neck giving me a big old hug!! In that moment I am the most special, most perfect, most amazing person God ever created!!

He can also be naughty and try his mommy’s patients.  I love the look on his face when he knows he is doing something he shouldn’t…full of mischief this one is.  I love the sound of his voice as he sings along to his favourite show on tv and I love how he says “cheers” with me over a cup of coffee.  I love how he plays with my hair.  I love that he draws all over his friends face and thinks it’s funny, I love that he is growing so tall, I love that he embraces each day as a new adventure and I love that to him I am the best version of myself!!

I wish there were words that could adequately define how much this little guy means to me but quite honestly none exist in English or in any other language. All I know is that I love him more….well….more than words can describe and that I would give my life to protect this sweet innocent little guy.

Here are some of the photos I took of our brave little G-Man at the fundraiser.

Showing me how much he loves me...

Day Twenty one: Today I am so thankful for God sending special people into my life like Gidion who teach me how to be a better person...

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Tuschka said...

Ok... now my mascara is smudged!!
Gidion is the most beautiful angelwarrior on earth, and the luckiest boy alive to have his "Lisa mamma".
We love you to the moon and back xx