Wednesday, 31 July 2013


One of my favourite places we visited while down at the coast was called “Die Pastorie” which translated means the parsonage. This wonderful gem was in Groot Brak. The home and the church building dates back to the early 1800’s. But it has been modernised and converted into a guest house, shop and tea garden.

It may be situated in the heart of the Great Brak but it is a very tranquil setting.  The garden is beautiful with all kinds of special touches. In the garden you will find a “Quite Room” a place where you can spend time in silence either praying or just being in the moment removed from the hustle and bustle outside. There is also a “Me Time ”  cottage where you can host little tea parties or have lunch with friends in private. Stunning!! The shop is something I enjoy…loads of nik naks.  I love to see how creative people can be and believe me there was plenty of creativity to be seen in the stunning jewelry  art work and functional pieces. There is something for everyone from kids to adults to enjoy and the pantry is divine with all its jams, breads and sweeties like fudge and coconut ice.

But it was the tea garden which was our focal point.  Because of the chilly weather we were seated inside next to a roaring fire.  It was cosy and it honestly felt like I was visiting my gran or favourite aunt.  Very inviting and nostalgic. The menu is very interesting and “old fashioned” if you will.  Offering a wide variety of healthy and not so healthy meals including things like biltong (kinda like jerky but not) and kaiings.

I loved this special place and was so grateful we made the time to stop and enjoy all it had to offer…

Their famous "kaiing" breakfast

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